Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aladji's aka Dubrokk Berlin Special (last week show)

last show we had Aladji's Berlin special mixtapes showcase. Who havent had time to listen it live, you can download one of the tapes in the FREE MIXTAPES section located on the right side of the page, or click HERE .

Tracklists are somewhere in the air.. thou, the one you can download has it! So, here it goes, and enjoy the darkness of it :) --

Doomsday in Babylon mixtape by Dubrokk aka Alaji

1.Neurosis Orchestra – Black Milk
2.Sully – Flickers
3.Neurosis Orchestra – Failing
4.Komonazmuk – Love
5.Sasquatch – Doll´s Eyes
6.Komonazmuk – Preset Whore
7.Neurosis Orchestra – Eternal Burn
8.Sully – Tainted Dub
9.Sarantis – Fetish
10.Sarantis – Badman Dub
11.Sasquatch – Omerta
12.Sully– Destroyah
13.Snares – Black Sabbath
14.Skream - Backwards

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