Sunday, July 26, 2009

CHILLART with Stangliczky & BASS.exe Crew @ Gradska bašta - Četvrtak, 30. jul / 18h

It's vacation time ! but ALL OF YOU who have stayed in this HOT city
we have matinee party coming up!!

check this link and JOIN US at the party

in case you cant follow the link:

Četvrtak, 30. jul, 18h-00h
Kulturni centar GRAD
Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade
Gradska bašta


Stangliczky aka Stung
with Manovski aka grimowski
+ surprise GUESTS!

also chek our latest radio show:
Nedeljna Menza can be downloaded HERE
and the tracklist geos like this:

Rooftops (Minilogue's Moscow + Floating Mud Remix) - Beat Pharmacy feat. Coppa
When I Grow Up (Scuba's High Up + Straight Down mix) - Fever Ray
Memories - Pangaea
Mystery Of Nazerus (2562 Remix) - Marco Bernardi
Cosmo - J:Kenzo
Hyph Mngo - Joy Orbison
Puttin It Out (A Made Up Sound Remix) - A Made Up Sound & Heinrich Mueller
Electric Purring - Martyn
Sous le Sable - Appleblim & Ramadanman
Tension (appleblim & al tourettes remix) - Hector
Indelible - Pearson Sound
Drumz Nightmare - Karizma
Epilogue (Ramadanman Rerub) - F
Craze Refix - Cooly G
Yellowtail VIP - Geeneus
Climate Change (alternative mix) - Roska
Glitch Dub - Emvee
I'm Goin' Wit' You (Octa Push Remix) - Debruit
LHC - Brackles
Pyramids - Roska
Nocturnal - Emvee
Do You (High Rankin Remix) - Freeland
Meddle (AC Slater & DJ Skeet Skeet Remix featuring Goldielocks) - Little Boots
Bang feat. M.I.A. (WTF I Asked for a Kuduro Remix by Buraka Som Sistema) - Rye Rye
Rock It Out - AC Slater
All Skate - MOVES!!!
Get Off (Jack Beats Remix) - Blaqstarr


Saturday, July 25, 2009

this week show goes by the name : "salads saved our days"

As days are sooo unbearably hot .. we figure salad is da choice for da course

No picture? well, why not surprise yourself with the look of that delicious salad ?
and, heres what you'd need:
1 head lettuce
1 onion
1 head cauliflower
1 lb. bacon
1 c. salad dressing (honey + mustard)
1/3 c. parsley
Cut up lettuce, slice onion, break up cauliflower. Fry bacon crisply and break into small pieces. Put into large bowl. Toss with salad dressing, parsley, and enjoy it.

As far as todays show,

it'll will bring you some reaaaally chilled vibes (as the heat isn't to joke with)..

but it'll also make its way to those wigly basslines we OH yes LOVE sooooo MUCH :) hope you'll enjoy it.

Check back in next few days for the tracklists.

Oh yes, and almost forgot the desert:

it's mine and stefan's humble alter ego that goes by the name of Korder
shouts, comments welcome!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

3rd Nedeljna Menza Show DUB SPECIAL

Nedeljna Menza show starts here :
Sunday July 12th 2009. 15h - 17h gmt+1

This time we are going back to the roots of bass. Special show dedicated to dub
both old and new.

Here is the show playlist:

01. Joker - Solid State
02. Martyn – Yet
03. 2562 - Kontrol
04. The Bassist – Rida (Original mix)
05. Aku Fen - Infected part 1
06. Flaba Stone - Babylon Game Over
07. Natural High – Kotostep
08. Improvisators Dub - The Real Source of Dub (Mix manutension)
09. Disrupt - Bit Defender
10. Pupajim - Buisness of war
11. Vibronics/Livication Riddim Section – Overcome version
12. Eagger & Stunn Gun – Morder Dem (JSL rmx)
13. Radikal Guru – Kingston Town (Original mix)
14. S.y.n.k.r.o. – Attack
15. Volfoniq, Disrupt & Bo Marley – La Brandade
16. Quantum Soul – Dream Catcher
17. Kanka – Make It This Time (ft.Biga)
18. Innerlign & Tyrant – Intercom
19. Cocoa Tea – Too Young
20. Cardopusher – Low End Legacy
21. Led Piperz – Junior Wader
22. Distance – Night Vision (Skream rmx)
23. Cardopusher – Homeless
24. Pacheko – Pasta de Coca
25. Matthew Mcanuff – Be Careful

Given the fact that it is that time of year when most of the people are on vacations or visiting music festivals, we decided to go with something easy but delicious. Ingredients can be found in almost every corner store in the world.

Chicken salad with mayo and sour cream

1. One Chicken breast chopped into bite size
2. 200 gr. of mayonnaise
3. 200 gr. of Sour cream / Greek creamy yoghurt
4. 200 gr. of shredded cheese (gouda or cheddar)
5. Salt, pepper and some oregano
6. Tortillas

Fry the chicken in the pan until brown. Put the chicken into a bowl and mix with mayonnaise, sour cream and cheese. Add salt pepper and oregano according to taste.
Serve in a tortilla with optional green salad. Enjoy

As a special desert we have a preview of a track from our friend Joe EasyNuttah

Monday, July 6, 2009

show playlists ..

BSSX_Nedeljna Menza_Stung. & Grimmowski playlist , july 5th 2009.

Jupiter Jazz - Gravious
World of tomorrow - Gravious
Come To Me Featuring Illvia - Math Head
1 regga nes - Big Chip
3 rainy day sloppy - Big Chip
3step - Puss
Supernova Kiss - Nullsleep
Horror Business - Bit Shifter
Pocket Calculator - .Glomag
kinetiskt_porslin - Role Model
Xylophobia - Monster Zoku Onsomb!
Superphreak - Slugabed
8-bit Billie Jean [ over the hill mix ] - Michael Jackson
Digidesign - Joker
Dirty Diana (Dexplicit Remix) - Michael Jackson
Operator [Intro] - K.O.F.Y
Thriller (Remix) - SeanBad
Zip Zap Space Attack - Crazy Q / DHS
Ride IT! - Stung.
C64 vs Kelis vs Breaks - Jellica & Dr Dru
Tough Guy Music - Daniel Savio
Ale Jezus - Tom Trago
Dimension X - Powell
Rek Johnny Rek - Beatbully
Legend Of Selda - Easy & Center Of The ...
Fel I Facit - Joxaren
FriscoBum - Limonious
Moto-Gucci - Mesak
Liikutuksia - Mrs Qeada
United Groove - L-Vis 1990
Where's my Money? (Dubble Step Edit)Caspa --- L-Vis 1990
Mutant Funk - Dark Knight
Log On Dub - Horsepower Productions

the show has been conducted from this secret garden :)

and as for the previous show playlist:

BSSX _Nedeljna Menza_show at - playlist - july 28th 2009.

Revenge of the Nerd - Fulgeance
The godfathers - Neil Landstrumm
The fucking formula - Dorian Concept
Radiant Industry - Jamie Vexd
64 Bytes (Eprom Remix) - Eprom
Gritsalt - Slugabed
Dimension X - Powell
I Luv U - Fulgeance
Sega Beats - Disrupt
Arachnid Eyes - Jackhigh
M*TH*RF*CK*R - Tom Trago
Color sexist - Dorian Concept
Chipset - Tom Woxom
Scratchnoisa - eat rabbit
Rubiscube - Fulgeance
Poing - Xaf
Sing What You Want Rusko's Skwee remix - Kotchy
Changemode - Tom Woxom
Trycycle - Various Production
Electronic Mind - Tom Woxom
Melkeveien - Melkeveien
Let's Go Swimming - Slugabed
So Bayle - Débruit
Ghetto - Crazy Q
Trick Platform - Samiyam
Crimewave - Flashrape
Mister Mouth - Matmos
La Tapenade - Volfoniq + Disrupt + Bo Marley
Megaplast - Mweslee
Mario vs Megaman / Fanfare -Hayzee
Y3ah - Hayzee

Sunday, July 5, 2009

2nd show brings you NEW, FRESH and some FREE Specials >>>

Nedeljna Menza show starts here : -
Sunday july 5th 2009. 15h - 17h gmt+1

Why not make yourself a nice salad .. its hot outside.. at least where we are.. so, grab some veggies, maybe add some canned tuna if you crave 'meat' :) .. and there you have a nice sunday brunch named all-in-one ;)

Top it with a nice cold beer ... or if you prefer vine..that's even better!

+ as a desert we have a free track for you to enjoy

Stung. - RIDE IT!

click the track title or the image below to get it