Thursday, February 17, 2011

Footcuttah feat Ramadamanovski - Gibaj /// FREE TRACK

Here is preview of our latest brain child Balkan Juke EP. Enjoy and follow @bssxcrew on twitter to stay up to date with all the parties / releases / other goodies!

Now the track:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Beats Compo, Elektrana Radio App + upcoming PARTYz!

Hello everyone!
This weekend we have a speciality served for you on the menu.
Mad-Hop group has been around for some time & now they've done their first release!
Bringing you compilation of new, upcoming producers & beatmakers from around the globe!
It features our boy Filtercutter, as well as our dear friend Polyklinik, plus loads of headnodding, ASSshaking grooves.

Check & DOWNLOAD it HERE at their bandcamp (& hurry up! as bandcamp free dl is limited)
or just Go for the Sendspace Mirror Link :)

Mad-Hop is presenting it’s first compilation of various artists and beat makers from around the globe. Mad-Hop started as a group focused on future beats that evolved from IDM, glitch hop and low frequency therapies, on last.Fm in 2009. Eager to digg new mad releases and inform our followers with fresh new sounds, we’re trying to push the ball game further. In association with Polish U Know Me Records, Russian Gimme 5, Belgrade based Svetlana Industries and other talented producers we continue to support this wide spectrum of electronic music – keep it mAd!!
Tracklist as follows:
1. Jimbo Matsumoto – Tight Production (free) 01:02
2. B$Q – Anyone else disturbed 02:12 3. Kixnare – Dreamin’ (free) 03:46 4. Doshy – 3ws (free) 03:41 5. Appleyard – Combinator (free) 02:01 6. Bitesize Beats – Moonboots (free) 01:55 7. Naive Machine – Juump (free) 02:52 8. Homeless Inc. – How Human Are You?? (free) 03:33 9. Mählib – Walla (free) 02:11 10. Burguez – Homework 3D (free) 03:00 11. Mad Steve – Dvolp (free) 01:32 12. Filtercutter – Eastern Sham (free) 02:35 13. Polyklinik – Rollover (free) 02:45 14. Some1Else – Social combing r2 (free) 02:38 15. GETEYE – (EYE)HerLevel (free) 02:26 16. Teielte – Joymos (free) 03:46 17. Dnte – Video game (free) 02:31 18. B$Q – Prisoner of debt (free) 02:54 19. BeFP – After Life (ressurection) (free) 02:15 20. Depakote – Mr.Holtzman (free) 01:36 21. Minoo – Just close (free) 02:09

In the same manner, we will be playing our Sunday show BSSX Nedeljna Menza on ,presenting the sound of beatmakers, grooveshakers and all the moodymakers.

Check the show on SUNDAYS 15-17h CET and TUNE IN! to

Now, another news is that boys & girls at Radio Elektrana worked hard to bring you the mobile app so you can also tune in thru your 3G mobile devices! Check it out HERE

NOW++++++++ PARTIES!

If you're in Belgrade and havent heard of tuesdays at Francuska Sobarica with Rebel B and his guests
NOW is the time to finally check it OUT!!!

This time its Dubstep Quartet
4 of us at the decks which means FUN + BASS BLISS x4 !!

Facebook event page HERE

No cover at the door / free entrance

and to prepare yourself, check the tapes:

Rebel B - It's A Dubstep Thing Mix 2011 by Rebel B

Filtercutter Production Minimix by Filtercutter


as we are celebrating a simple non-working day, seeing a chance to get wasted on monday nite and not work on tuesday :D

follow us on to get the directions !

& see you in a bit! ;)