Saturday, December 4, 2010

Double trouble on Sunday! 2 Radio shows from BSSX!

From 15-17h @

Chicago JUKE / FOOTWORK Sound

Zvuk izrastao iz ghetto house-a, tesno povezan sa footwork "plesom" :)
ko voli nek izvoli, a ko nije upućen.. toplo preporučujemo da se priključi
taman u ove hladne zimske dane, da se svi ubrzamo i zagrejemo.

"Ghetto House (or Booty House) was a huge component of this: by the mid-90s, Chicago DJs like Deeon, Slugo, Milton, Paul Johnson, Jammin’ Gerald and DJ Funk were speeding tunes up, stripping them down, and building on Chicago’s already-long tradition of mindlessly filthy lyrics aimed at the dancefloor. As a new generation of Chicago producers came up in the late 1990s, the tracks got even faster (150-160bpm), the rhythms got more intricate (and tom-tom oriented), and more hip hop influence found its way in—this sped-up, modern Ghetto House variant is what we in Chicago call Juke.

Over the past decade Juke has developed two pretty distinct halves: the more straightforward four-on-the-floor party bangers by people like Gant-Man, Nephets, and Waxmaster; and the more rhythmically varied, sideways-sounding “footwork tracks” from DJs like Spinn, Rashad, and Nate. Though Chicago’s unique footwork dance styles have existed for as long as I remember, the last five years have seen a sort of feedback loop develop—the music gets faster and more off-kilter, which inspires the dancers to get more intricate and experimental, which encourages the producers to make the tracks weirder still."
Chrissy Murderbot

From 22-24h @
BASS.EXE Presents Kontra Bass

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
No! Its the BSSX Crew kicking the shit out of speakers and bringing you another radio show filled with all kinds of BASS driven music that will fill out your residential area with low frequency sounds.
If you are by any case in Belgrade feel free to join us in the club of NRBG where you can enjoy a drink or two while we select the wickedest, fresh out of the oven beats for you. Club is located at the following address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 93.

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