Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Svetlana Industries compilation featuring Filtercutter, Piece of Shh, Teebs, 1000names, Jackhigh, 8Bitch, etc

Helloo everyone,

our homie Svetlana, neighbourhood label has a new FREE COMPILATION!

Check it out >>>>>

FRET004: Come on Lets Go - Free album for download

The latest thing is we finally dropped the free album we’ve been telling you about for a few months. It’s got all the crew on it - 8Bitch, Teebs, Jackhigh, 1000names, Filtercutter, everyone.

Maybe you can see it as a kind of a journey, beginning with breathless excitement, through fear and trepidation, to some kind of peaceful reflection. It’s properly mastered and has artwork by our friends at Pull My Daisy. We’re pretty happy with it as a whole.

You can get it for nothing here, or feel free to donate if you’re feeling flush. We could do with some pennies. If you like it please spread the word, spread the link and tell your friends. Thanks.

Oh yes, Bandcamp is no longer free, sadly, and will limit the number of free downloads. If you can’t download it just let us know and we’ll put up an alternative link.

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