Sunday, December 20, 2009

Menza podcast - diggin old 12" vinyls



Quaker - is this meant to be..
Dubloner - (a2)
Christian Bloom - rauschfactor
Also Ran - deep inside
Mathew Jonson - Love Letter to the Enemy
Johan Fotmeijer - how we gonna fail now? (delon and dalcan mix)
Seignior Coconut - Showroom Dummies
Scape One - Ectosphere
DJ Lace - i am a computer (xquizit dj x remix)
Dave Ingham - Aphalion
Anthony Rother - (a2) PSI-6.2 (white)
DJ Reaction - who mad the world?
Apparat - Cheap Trills
Dubloner - to j's head ep (a)
2raumwohnung - ich weis warum ..und ich mach weiter (t.raumschmiere remix)
Greenbank - fluted
Cylob - metalic justice
AFX - analogue bubblebath
Apparat - Hot
Spank Rock - sweet talk (kalbata remix)
Ironbase - machine eisenbass (f.t housecat rmx)
Tipper - Donut
Deep Alpha - all think (Kode9 remix)
The Corrupted Cru - How Much Gal? (instrumental)
Johan Fotmeijer - how we gonna fail now?
Lawgiverz - Reality
Section 13 - Freak The Funk (The Heavyweight Cru remix)
Greenbank - My Computer
Cabbage Boy - Vended Food

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