Monday, November 9, 2009

Drago1 -- special at last weeks N/Menza show!

Last weeks show had a special guest Drago1 (dragowan) of Brussels - BSSX extended !

listen/download his guest mix HERE

and peek in to the tracklist:

Motor - 20 Volts Of Steels
Daft Punk - Rock 'n Roll
The Chemical Brothers - It Doesn't Matter
Aphex Twin - Ventolin
Motor - Unhuman
The Chemical Brothers - Dig You Own Hole
Simian Mobile Disco - Wooden
Luke Vibert - Stan D'infamy
Luke Vibert - I Love Acid
Arpanet - Quantum Transposition
Funkstˆrung - Wearing Old Armani
Luke Vibert - Breakbeat Metal Music
Funkstˆrung - Punk Motherfucker
Electronicat - Gitarkatze
Luke Vibert - Synthax
Soulwax - NY Excuse
Ah Carma Sotz - Ganzir
Marek Bois - You Got Good Ash (Gabriel Ananda remoix)
Motor - Flashback
Wagon Christ - Perkission
Deadbeat - Random Brown
Marek Bois - Sutskop
Booka Shade - Hide And Seek In Geisha's Garden
Dominik Eulberg - Gasthof "Zum Satten Bass"
Modeselektor - Ziq Zaq
Gui Boratto - ArquipÈlago
Laurent Garnier - City Sphere
John Tejada - Clever Bunch
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Holden remix)
Dj Krush - Drum
Wagon Christ - The Premise
Dj Opiate - Below Minus 4
Dj Krush - Kemuri (Untouchable Mix)
Dj Krush - Elapse
Flying Lotus - Gng Bng
Ghislain Poirier - Civil Disovedience (version)
High Tone - Train To Transylvania
Gabriel Ananda - Suessholz (Ben Monos Low Level Mix)
Donna Summer - The Magnanimous
Eustachian - Plugged Left Ear
Doormouse - TrËs Mal (Eat The Disco Biscuit)
Cardopusher - Caffeine Rich Kola Nut
Aphex Twin & Squarepusher - We Are Responsible People
Rotator - Fight Back
Doormouse - Slippery
Doormouse - Backyard Wrestling
Repeater - Poor Health Bad Constituion
Rotator - GeT So ExXxCiTeD
Droon - Terror Train
Rotator - Big Booty
Repeater - Last Exit
Shitmat - There's No Business Like Propa
Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song
Shitmat - Dubplatter
Shitmat - Haile Selassie Rules O.K.

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